NEAR INFRARED MAGNET ROOM (For Re-Balancing Your Body)

Near infrared magnet room is life’s energy.
Hugh Spa is the only spa in Los Angeles that offers the Magnet Room. Constructed by top-class experienced engineers from Korea, this Magnet Room features 1,200 magnetic pieces enclosed by germanium capsules developed by the KAIST research team. Different from common hot steam room, near infrared room allows the body temperature to rise from within the bones at a low temperature. The natural wavelengths from the near infrared and magnetic field induces a concurrent vibration from head to toe, evenly spreading qi throughout the body to aid blood flow. As a result, you will experience a clear head, transparent skin, and a lighter body, as the body learns to heal itself. We recommend 10-20 minutes usage time.
휴스파 자석방

Infrared Magnet Room

Near infrared rays help people with arthritis and skin diseases. Near infrared rays are the longest wavelengths of infrared rays that penetrate deeply into the material and causes the internal temperature to rise. Near Infrared rays increase the temperature of skin tissues, causing an expansion of blood capillaries and releasing sweat containing body wastes. This promotes blood circulation and activates metabolism.
Also, near infrared rays are good for people with weak bodies, indigestion, menstrual cramps, high/low blood pressure, insomnia, neuralgia, diabetes, after-childbirth pain, cold stomach, acne, freckles, and dermatitis.
Good for:
  1. Acne, freckles, and dermatitis
  2. Cold stomach, menstrual cramps, and insomnia
  3. Indigestion and weakness
  4. Post-accident symptoms, muscle aches, arthritis, and neuralgia (sharp, shocking pain that follows the path of a nerve. Caused by irritation of and damage to the nerve)