HIMALAYAN SALT ROOM (For Getting Minerals)

Himalayan salt has natural healing powers.
The Himalayan Salt Room is built with salt directly from the Himalayas, containing merely 84 different minerals that diffuse throughout the body and invigorate your cells. In addition, the salt room helps produce red blood cells and strengthens the digestive system. Not only does it remove toxins within our bodies, but it also helps reduce fever, stop bleeding, and improve heart and kidney functions. The salt minerals help excrete toxins from our bodies and remove fat cells, easing the blood flow and reducing stretched skin cells due to obesity. They also help regress the aging of our skin.
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Pink Himalayan Salt Room

Salt Room
When salt is used carelessly or in large quantities, it can be harmful. However, it can be a powerful remedy if used properly. Salt plays a significant role in the heart muscle, which circulates blood throughout the body. Salt is an important mineral for the kidney as well. Shortage of salt will lead to excretion of less urine, which causes toxins to build up in the body. If this vicious cycle continues in the kidney, it will negatively affect your metabolism, digestive cycle, muscle contraction and strength, leading to fatigue. Therefore, appropriate intake of salt will allow the heart and kidney to function properly.
  1. Stimulates metabolism and detoxifications of the body
  2. Clears blood vessels and helps maintain a healthy body temperature
  3. Acts as a main source of cellular reproduction
  4. Strengthens heart, kidney functions and digestive system
  5. Helps maintain balance within bodily fluids