SHOWER ROOM w/Jade Steam Sauna & Herb Bath

Jade Steam Sauna

The far infrared rays emitted from the jade contain 50% anions and 50% cations and are effective for people with various illnesses. Far infrared rays have the effect of externally releasing internal toxins from pores and muscle mass. This sauna transforms the body’s constitution from acidic to alkaline, reducing the body’s sensitivity to pain, strengthening muscles, and decreasing the amount of heartburns. Furthermore, the rays help clear the blood. Steam from the boiling wormwood and herbal medicine, together with anions emitted from the jade, activate cellular activity and help decompose wastes from our bodies, in addition to reviving our skin and removing harmful metals and wastes from our arteries and muscles. Our all-natural Jade Steam Sauna is the best treatment for your skin, keeping it moist, clean, and smooth.
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Hugh Spa Steam Sauna


Steam opens the pores of the body and the botanicals are absorbed properly into the body. Besides this, steam facilitates the breathing of a person. In this way, person inhales herbs with steam and breathing.  Herbal active constituents get into the body and give more benefits to the person having an herbal steam .
They not only cleanse the body deeply, but also open the pores, remove the toxins from them, which may come out with the sweat from the skin. In addition, herbal steam baths refresh the blood circulation and activate the mind, and release the stress of the person. Herbal steams bath also increase the glow of the skin,when beneficial herbs for skin are added in water used for generating steam.