Power of nature and natural detox. Be born again as a goddess of nature.
Authenticity is the path we take in order for our customers to be fully satisfied. A pool of real clay balls gently envelope you as you lay in individualized clay cubicles. The miraculous mud clay has absorbed and stored solar energy for a long period of time. When stimulated by heat, this clay emits far infrared rays so that our bodies can absorb the natural near infrared rays. The charcoal and mud clay infinitely release anions and far infrared rays that enter deep (up to 2 inches) into our skins, raising our body temperature and excreting toxins from our bodies through sweat. The charcoal mud clay room also has healing effects, as it helps one’s circulatory system, metabolism, and removal of the body’s toxic wastes.
휴스파 황토방

Hugh Spa Red Clay Ball Sauna Room

The red clay balls are made from 99% pure red clay, using a low temperature heat treatment to preserve the original conditions. The most basic effect of the red clay balls is the emission of infrared rays. Infrared rays increase blood circulation and oxygenation, and also release internal toxins from pores and muscle mass. Furthermore, infrared rays provide insulation and deodorization that aid in comfortable sleep. This enhances blood circulation and recovery from fatigue, stress-imposed pain, and anxiety.
  1. Helps people sleep peacefully
  2. Helps blood circulation in hands and feet
  3. Improves skin complexion
  4. Eliminates fatigue and pain caused by stress
  5. Helps one have less sensitivity to pain, stronger muscles, and less heartburns.
  6. Stimulates metabolism