Qi Gong/Tai Chi Chuan(기공/태극권)

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Qi Gong (OM346): Dr, Shin, Sang Yun, SBU,

Qi Gong/Tai Chi Chuan

Qi Gong is one of the disciplines to attain a harmony between the body and the mind.

Qi Gong consists of three fundamental elements with which one is not only able to improve one's health, but also to bring out one's potential capabilities. The three elements are: (1) Right Body Posture; (2) True Natural Breath; and (3) Transcendental Mind beyond time and space. It was Ryu, Gyee Jin who published “the Practical Qi Gong Treatment” in 1950 which demonstrates Qi Gong as one of the valuable Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Approaches to the Health of Mind and body

1. Right Body Posture

Without the right body posture one is not able to defend self let alone to attack when necessary. Thus, the right body posture is the must .

The right body postures include:

(1) Straight head, neck, and spine cord to maintain the balance of the body

(2) Pivotal posture of the waist for a flexible movement and required power

(3) Root like posture of the lower limbs with no movement, and Butterfly like posture of the same with movement to maximize the desired effect of each Qi Gong movement with the accumulated strength of the posture.

2. True Natural Breath

The breath is one of the most important elements of Qi Gong, and Tae-Cuk-Kwon(Tai-Chi-Chuan) in particular. The true natural breath features:

(1) natural, not forced, relaxed, and upright mind and conduct

(2) lightly closed mouth particularly for the beginners, breathing out through the mouth and nose, and breathing in only through the nose with each movement

(3) the deeper the training is attained, the deeper the settling down of the breath and Qi on the abdomen, the ultimate concentration point of the breath and Qi for the maximum effect of Qi Gong

3. Transcendental Mind Beyond time and space

The graceful movements of Qi Gong by training would lead us to a clearer state of mind and brain to experience the meditation state of nirvana as if swimming In the water like air – what a peaceful state of mind and feeling it can be, beyond time and space!

Reasons for practicing thai chi chuan

Five Source of Power for the Life and Living:

  1. Mind; To increase the power of your mind and gain knowledge and wisdom. To be able to differentiate between right and wrong.
  2. Heart; to increase the power of your spirit and heart. To be able to apply what your mind already knows and express it through your heart.  Such as; thankfulness, happiness, courage, love, etc.
  3. Body; a healthy body is needed to practice what the mind and body have learned.
  4. Maintenance; to expand the powers of mind, heart and body
  5. Personal  Relationships; to learn how to give and share your powers with others and for others

(1) the power of knowledge; (2) the power of passion and compassion; (3) the necessary power of physical health to carry what one has attained in stage (1) and (2)',(4) the power of effective and efficient self management of time and energy; and (5) the power of relatedness with others, horizontally, if not vertically: relatedness with others being from the self-centered mentality to the mentality of a wider circle of relationship whether that being with friends, families, organization, society, country, region or the world, horizontally (if not a transcendental vertical relationship with the God and the Universe, and the Truth). AG


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