A traditional oriental therapy to stimulate the flow of energy by various bare handed techniques, to relax and get balanced, to increase blood and energy circulation, and to get rid of stress, muscle pain, toxins in your body caused by daily repetitive lives.

What is Korean Acupressure?

Korean Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses finger pressure to stimulate the body’s own self-healing and regeneration. Recipients feel a release of tension, renewed sense of energy, emotional balance and calm awareness. Acupressure encompasses a wide range of techniques from very firm pressure to light touch. Sessions are tailored to the person’s particular needs. Korean Acupressure Massage is an extensive system of healing which incorporates aspects of Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, Sports Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Pregnancy Massage, and Reflexology.

휴스파 지압실

Accupressure Room

Some benefits of Korean Acupressure Massage

  • relieves pain
  • increases circulation
  • detoxifies the body on a cellular level
  • balances the emotions
  • reduces tension
  • promotes deep relaxation
  • increases resistance to diseases
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