Best Body Scrub Treatments in Los Angeles!

Asian Style Exfoliating Full Body Scrub – Korean Body Scrub Therapy.
This is an Asian-style exfoliating full body scrub that removes the toughest grime and city toxins from your body.
Reap the benefits of a Korean body scrub while relaxing in full spa style.
Often considered as one of the best body scrub treatment by spa veterans, our Korean body scrub begins in the spa – body scrub style. Before the actual Body Scrub Treatment begins, our spa goers enjoy our therapeutic steam and dry sauna (grottos) to soften and prepare the skin for the exfoliating body scrub.
In this vigorous, full-body exfoliation therapy, the therapist scrubs and splashes warm water simultaneously on your body. We also have disposable underwear available for your comfort.
We offer various combinations of Body Scrub, Full-body Massage, Detox Bath, Body Wrap, and Slimming to provide you with a service that best fits your every need.



30MIN $30
Remove aged skin through a traditional Korean technique. You will leave feeling fresh, smooth, and soft. This is a MUST try!


40MIN $40
Get rid of muscle tightness and knots. Relieve your stress with our affordable massage when you have a limited time. Include hair treatment.


70MIN $80
A combination of exfoliation scrub and deep tissue massage, and it releases muscle tension and knots from a tired day. Finish the following a hair treatment, facial with fresh cucumber mask, and milky body massage.
* Body Scrub & Mineral Oil Body Massage
*Silky Collagen Facial Mask & Milky Body Massage


60MIM $80
Aroma massage therapy to relieve emotional and physical stress is one of the best ways to relax and reduce the stress. Full body aroma oil massage session with relaxing massage brings you a marvelous recovery day.
* Aroma Full Body Massage
* Vitamin Face Mask
* Hair Treatment


90MIN $100
Treat yourself loyal. After cleansing the body through exfoliation, revitalize your body with full session skin-conditioning Aroma oil massage followed by a botanical facial massage.
*Scrub & Full An Hour Session Aroma Oil Body Massage
*Vitamin Face Mask
* Stimulating Scalp Massage & Hair Treatment



  • HughSpa open daily
  • To book your massage Services:  call 213.365.1268
  • The maximum weight that our massage bed will be able to withstand is 230lbs.This is for your own safety.
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