Everyday, our body is bombarded by harsh toxin and chemicals from our surrounding environment.  Chemicals, pesticides, hormones and other pollutants are found in all the processed foods we eat, leading to chronic illness, depression and obesity.
  • A build up of toxins can produce any symptom, in any person, at anytime.
  • Everyone is not affected equally due to differences in body chemistry.
  • We not only look different from one another on the outside, we are bio-chemically and genetically unique on the inside.
Cleansing your body of its accumulated toxins is a great way to boost well-being. You will be surprised once you get back in touch with how good you can feel.
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VIP Diamond Dramatic Slimming  * ONLY AT HUGH SPA

        130 MINS       $200 [/notify_box]

 Customized Treatment
HUGH DIAMOND treatment is a customized cosmetic treatment especially designed for ladies trying to lose inches off. After body scrub, you will be applied with the best clinical fat- reducing mask for body wrap. The heat is generated with wrap helps to redistribute any cellulite on your arms, belly, and legs. Also stimulate circulation to relax muscles as well as restoring the overall balance of the body and soul to produce total harmony. You can experience a diuretic effect that aids weight reduction. Aroma therapy full body massage will be followed. HUGH DIAMOND helps you not only sweat out your unwanted fat and toxins, but also it leaves you with velvet soft. For a more confidence and beautiful look, try HUGH DIAMOND today!
Diagnosis your body
Body scrub
Body Slimming Wrap – Remove the fat cell
Deep Body Slimming Massage W/ Hip up Massage
Hand and Foot Massage W/Wrap
Stimulating Scalp Massage
Aroma therapy Hair treatment W/ Argan & Macadamia oil
Toxin releasing strokes and purifying Facial  Mask
Luxurious soothing emulsion for hydrating moisture


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VIP  Sliver Silky Aqua Wrap

        110 MINS          $140  [/notify_box]

Feeling heavy and tired from a long day of work? Reward yourself to HUGH SILVER! HUGH SILVER is applied to nourish, repair and moisturize the skin leaving it silky body! First, externally cleanse the body with HUGH body scrub, removing aged skin. Then wrap your exfoliated, loosened body with detoxifying vitamin mask. For absorbing minerals and vitamin, which is an antioxidant that normalize skin cells, you will notice stress-free and sweetly soft skin. Furthermore, full-body massage takes away your fatigue. Applying aromatherapy emulsion for full-body leads to the best relaxation in heaven.
Body scrub
Vitamin  Full Body Wrap
AROMA THERAPHY oil Body Massage
Hand & Foot Massage
Stimulating Scalp Massage
Toxin releasing strokes and purifying Facial  Mask
Luxurious soothing emulsion for hydrating moisture


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VIP Gold Gorgeous Detox       *ONLY AT HUGH SPA

      130 MINS          $180 [/notify_box]

For youthful firmness, smooth skin, try HUGH Gold treatment! Minerals in Himalayan salt are absorbed into your skin, and it causes tighten of loose skin in the body. After scrub, wrap your body with firming moisturizing collagen mask which drawn dead skin cells and toxins when it’s washed off. After detoxification firming treatment, you will be given a rejuvenating, relaxing, and tighten up massage with aroma blending oil and applied aromatherapy emulsion for the best relaxation.
Body scrub
Collagen Full Body Wrap
AROMA THERAPHY oil Body Massage
Stimulating Scalp Massage
Hair treatment W/ Argan &  Macadamia oil
Hand and Foot massage
Toxin releasing strokes and purifying Facial  Mask
Luxurious soothing emulsion for hydrating moisture


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        40MIN        $30  [/notify_box]

 Asian women have been doing it for centuries to regulate their menstrual cycles. The ancient tradition uses a combination of herbs that claim to reduce stress, fight infection, clear hemorrhoids and aid fertility, as well as uncountable other health benefits. Its key components – mugwort and wormwood – have long been used to excite hormones, treat bladder infections, fevers, constipation and induce contractions for the duration of labor.
Good For
* Female Reproductive System
*Assorted Skin Disease
*Promotes Weight Loss
*Detox your body
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             when purchase 5 sessions [/notify_box]

 with free consultation with Oriental Medicine Doctor.
 According to Dr’s diagnosis , you will get the specific herbs based on your body condition.
Study has shown that wormwood has medicinal effects on illnesses such as anemia, gastrointestinal disorders, colds, neuralgia, irregular periods and high blood pressures, etc. In our spa, we boil wormwood along with our other herbal medicine for preparing a detox herb steam seat. some call vaginal steam bath.  A warm hipbath in wormwood steam relives fatigue, improves circulation, and keeps the body warm by releasing chill from the body. We serve with detox tea.
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        50MIN         $100  [/notify_box]

All natural and active materials aimed to eliminate and excrete toxins from the body help restore balance and health. Includes infrared therapy throughout the detoxification treatment.


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          50MIN        $100  [/notify_box]

Reduce the appearance of cellulite and water retention while puling toxins and improving circulation. This miracle bioslimming body wrap focuses on problem areas to slim and tone. Includes focused infrared therapy. Great for when you want to look your best for that special event.
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